Escort Service Guidelines

Escort services seeking to amend their hiring regulations may recognize change is needed but are unsure where to start. For an upstanding example when defining guidelines, agencies are encouraged to follow the example set by Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. This escort service has remained steadfast in its commitment to

Sex Workers Health Care

Sadly, we live in a culture where needle exchange programs for intravenous drug users are more socially accepted than health programs for sex workers. Given the illegality of sex work in America, sex workers, even those who are insured, are sometimes met with disdain from the medical community. This often

Private Browsing

There are a myriad of web browsers available. Choice of browser is dependent upon the generation of operating system used in your computer. Commonly used browsers include Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Each computer operating system typically has at least one of these apps. Today browsers utilize “the cloud

How To Delete Your Browser History

Much like freedom, privacy is a basic human right. While in real life, it is easier to maintain our public and personas separately, the same cannot be said about the big, bad world of the Internet. Right from the information we share on our social network profiles to our bank