Outcall Entertainment

Outcall Entertainment

We focus on the serious questions affecting the sex worker industry and related topics. It's time to address the issue of prostitution in America.




This site is dedicated to educating the public about the outcall entertainment industry in effort to begin a dialogue about issues that are not easily and openly discussed. People on either side of the fence regarding legalizing prostitution must come together in realizing more needs to be done throughout America to take leverage away from powerful pimps that are running city streets while exploiting children, some not even in their teens, by forcing them to engage in commercial sex.

A June 2014 nationwide sting by the FBI resulted in the arrest of over 200 pimps and rescued more than 100 underage children working in the sex industry. This is a valiant effort, but until large crackdowns are performed on a regular basis, pimps maintain the upper-hand. We are here to open minds and eyes to our collective responsibility to protect children from being exploited by offering a greater understanding of the sex industry in America as a whole.