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Outcall Entertainment

We focus on the serious questions affecting the sex worker industry and related topics. It's time to address the issue of prostitution in America.



Escort Service Guidelines

Escort services seeking to amend their hiring regulations may recognize change is needed but are unsure where to start. For an upstanding example when defining guidelines, agencies are encouraged to follow the example set by Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts. This escort service has remained steadfast in its commitment to contract only with entertainers entering the profession by choice. Their unwavering stance is explicitly detailed in their contractors’ agreement which other agencies are welcome to use as a model.

Escort services vary in hiring requirements, and many do not screen for current and past associations to pimps. While most services claim commitments to combat sex trafficking, few are proactive. Agencies neglecting to specifically state in their contractors’ agreement that an entertainer has no pimp associations indirectly lends support to the problem of pimping.

Sex trafficking by pimps remains a problem in all urban areas. Pimps actively force women and minors to work under duress, and this is not limited to America’s street corners. Unfortunately, the problem of pimping in America extends to a high number of escort services who are not properly screening entertainers. There are pimps who direct young women to escort services in an effort to expand their earning potential.

Established escort services must clearly state their disinterest in working with an entertainer who has a pimp controlling her in the shadows. The foremost reason for this is the social responsibility to fight the commanding presence of pimps in major cities as well as to provide a better service to clients by creating a legal, consensual environment for adult entertainment. An entertainer working under duress from an outside source must not be acceptable.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Escort services too often look the other way and do not dare delve into a prospective entertainer’s past because the sole focus is on how she presents herself and her desire for employment. However, if she is turning over a portion of her earnings to a pimp, the problem of street prostitution is being fostered.

Bunnies of Las Vegas Escorts is one of the few escort agencies mandating that it will not hire anyone with current or past pimp associations and hopes services across the country will follow suit. Their escort service guidelines are the industry gold standard other agencies are strongly urged to follow if they do not have their own effective guidelines already in place.

Escort agencies must unite in a commitment to combat the existence of pimps to put a stop to an additional channel for pimps to bolster their livelihoods and strengthen their presence. Doing so is socially responsible and also enhances a service’s credibility. If you’re an escort service interested in taking up the challenge of hiring entertainers that are not associated with Pimps you can use the outcall entertainment agreement provided on their website.

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