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We focus on the serious questions affecting the sex worker industry and related topics. It's time to address the issue of prostitution in America.




People who use drugs or drink alcohol may find it difficult to tell when their substance use has become a problem. Generally, it’s time for concern when drug or alcohol use interferes with your daily life: your relationships, your job, or the activities that keep your life on track.

If you have noticed any of the following signs of a problem in yourself or someone you care about, it may be time to reach out for support:

It’s never too soon — or too late — to take control of your well-being. Whether you want to learn more about substance use issues, you’re looking for treatment services, or you’re working to stay sober after receiving treatment,
StartYourRecovery.org can help. It’s a great resource developed by clinicians and
Reingold — an expert in health communications — to help people understand addiction, hear the stories of people like them who have overcome substance use, and determine their next step, whether it’s having a conversation, learning more, or seeking professional help.

Confronting problems with drugs or alcohol is a sign of strength, and
seeking treatment or other support can be the first step on your path to recovery

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